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America’s Next Top Model Logic


Tyra: “The judges see this beautiful girl..but she can’t translate that in her photos.”

Model: “I know but I broke my leg and fractured my sku—”

Tyra: *shakes head* remember that photo shoot I did? I was chased by a fire breathing dragon the day before and got hit by an eighteen wheeler and I STILL looked fierce.” 😒

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I really want Americas next top model to be on Netflix so bad.

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Seventeen seems like the perfect age. Not naive like sixteen. Not feeling the pressures of daunting adulthood like eighteen. Just plain and simple, seventeen.
Anonymous asked: does sex hurt more if you've never masturbated before?



life hurts more if you’ve never masturbated 


Go Elizabeth!

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Nakakatawang balikan yung mga panahong sobrang in love ka sa maling tao.

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"The Teenage Gaze" photographed by Petra Collins

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Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Hebrew, Chinese, and Portuguese - these are just a few of the languages that were utilized to translate the best-selling novel of American author John Green, “The Fault in Our Stars.”

Last June 3, 2014, there was a new-fangled addition to that various foreign languages, of course, our own, Filipino.

The said book’s Filipino version was written by Ateneo de Manila University professor and host Danton Remoto. The interpreted edition is sold for P165 in paperback.

But, it appears like your one hundred-sixty-five pesos will not be worth it.

I am pleased about the scheme of it getting translated into our nation’s language. It opened doors for the people who do not prefer reading and using the English language (for example the Filipino pocketbook readers).  It’s also great that they would get to be aware of and take part in American contemporary ethnicity, even if it’s in the structure of their native language. In addition, it has also been a practice for best-selling and popular novels to get translated in Filipino. Cases are The Vampire Diaries, The Hunger Games Trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You.

Well, crap. It seems like there are things we have to leave as they are and the John Green novel, is one of them.

I don’t like the reality that it is translated (very much) word for word.  It just ended up sounding tongue-tied and clichéd. Also, the chosen Filipino words are too aged for the readers. The book setting is in the up to date times, so why pick the spoken words and languages from the early 20th century?

On the other hand, there are lines that were not well-translated and several typographical inaccuracies were committed. I believe that this translated version was read and passed on by different writers, publishers, linguists and educators but it looks like that the discharge of this book was a immense, feeble rush.

I also wished that it was translated in modern conversational Tagalog. Deep and old Filipino words are big no-nos for the young generation and contemporary young adults. You can glance through on your Facebook and Twitter timelines and guess what? You will never experience reading and seeing citizens use this type of tone and conversation. Using Taglish could have been an alternative in translating this best-selling book. If given the probability to read the Filipino edition, I am undeniably convinced that you will find it out of your depth as the translated version is not the language we articulate and use in these times.

With these unusual kinds of flaws, it didn’t capture the emotions of the readers. It also lessened the passionate romantic vibe that the original author wanted to transmit. When I first read the non-translated book, I could candidly say that I really loved it. I captured my heart. On the other side, as I scan and read some parts of the Filipino-translated book, I could say that it was a enormous mess. No damn emotions were felt and it lacked the fundamental nature of the original book.

So basically, I could say that the Filipino Edition of The Fault in Our Stars is a big FLOP. In a scale of 1 to 10, (1 as the lowest), 4 would be my score to this.

Except in reading American and English novels, reading Tagalog short stories, poems, novels and different kinds of Filipino literature is also my favorite.  I love our mother language, and in fact, I use it every day as a device for communication. I also make use of it in my everyday tête-à-tête. But, it is a blot on the landscape to comprehend this somewhat, like a novel translated by Google Translate. Ugh.

I find this as a despicable attempt to hop into the fame of the novel. It was just like dubbing foreign movies with our language, it only makes it look and sound mismatched and unpleasant to the ears. We can all distinguish that some of the lines in the said book were the bomb… and they were translated so badly, like an amateur translated it.  I know we should adore our own language but this doesn’t connote that we should decode books on a whim and caprice. The Filipino version doesn’t actually put in a nutshell all that is in the paperback. Just let the book be and please, please, please, when Paper Towns, Looking for Alaska, or any trendy book becomes a motion picture and everyone is on a whirl, just don’t translate it on a notion.  I can tolerate with translating stuff to our language but please, at least do it with integrity and justicve.

I hope that this set-up will give birth to lessons that diverse writers, translators and readers will exploit in the near future. This may be a chaos, but I will, by no means, call this incident as a misuse of time, for it will instruct us to employ our beloved language with suitable comportment, phase and intelligence.

The Hitches of Pseudo Relationships

One cold, Saturday night, a friend messaged me on Facebook asking for different advises concerning Mutual Understanding (MU) kind of relationships. This friend of mine told me that she is presently in a MU phase with somebody. She inquired me to give some downside of MU because she just freshly agreed on this kind of set-up. Well, I told her to check out my Tumblr blog for answers within a week and this is it.

Well, let me give a brief rationalization of Mutual understanding.

Mutual understanding, or simply MU is a kind of relationship where in the two people involved are more than friends, but not lovers. There is no commitment at all. In this stage, you can act like lovers (or sometimes like a married couple). May landian factor. Pero in the end, there are no vows, commitments and shit. In tagalog, kayo pero hindi kayo.

I know that everybody is aware in this kind of set-up that’s why I just typed a short explanation. Caveman nalang siguro ang hindi nakakaalam ng salitang MU. So going back, there are many downsides and short comings ng ganitong relationship.

You can’t ask your partner to commit with you. Since you are in a MU stage, you cannot insist any category of commitment from your partner. Hello, wala kang karapatang magpasundo ng disoras ng gabi o disoras ng umaga?! Wala ka ring ‘K’ para magpabili sa kanya ng lunch at ng school materials. Ano lang ba kayo? “MU.” Ambiguities will constantly come up to your damn mind. You are hesitant about your role in his life, or his role in your life. Hindi ka pwedeng mag-expect ng kahit ano from him. Hindi ka rin pwede mag-expect na lagi siyang nandyan sa tabi mo, to placate you, or to be there for you. And worse, if you feel green-eyed about this girl he is chatting and texting all night long, itatago mo nalang. ANO KA BA NIYA PARA MAGSELOS? #ohdiba

Ang mainlove, talo. Lugi ka kapag nakaramdam ka ng spark sa pagitan ninyong dalawa. Alam mo kung bakit? Kasi hindi ka naman sure kung nararamdaman din niya yung nag-aalab na spark na nararamdaman ng puso, isip, kaluluwa at ng katawang-lupa mo. You will never distinguish if the feeling is communal. Ang pangit tignan na nag-aassume ka lang na mahal ka rin nya, pero magugulat ka nalang at (hashtag) #NGANGA kapag nalaman mong hanggang assume ka nalang at wala siyang nararamdaman para sa iyo. Even if your inner goddess notifies you to divulge your exact feelings for him, you can’t for the reason that you are unconvinced if he feels the identical way. Ayaw mong mapahiya in the end, di ba? Sino ba ang may gusto non?

Another pessimistic portion of mutual understanding type of relationship is that when you had a fight or dissimilarity, the affiliation impedes there. Wala ng resolusyong mangyayari. Unlike in serious and legitimate relationships, you can fix it. You can have a discussion about it after the clash. Sa MU stages kasi, if the gentleman turned really cold like f****ing Olaf, he can abscond you in a snap. Maaari ka nyang iwanan sa ere. Wala kayong magiging official closure. Walang break-up. Wala naman kasing ‘kayo.’ Merong ‘ikaw’. Merong ‘siya’. Pero WALANG KAYO, tandaan mo!

Buti sana kung pseudo pain din ang mararamdaman mo sa pseudo relationships di ba? Kaso, hindi eh. Darating ang time na iiyak-iyakan mo siya tuwing gabi. Darating ang time na siya na ang nagiging sanhi ng pagkabagsak mo sa exams kasi dati rati, siya ang inspirasyon mo. Darating ang time na you will end up cutting yourself or hurting yourself. Magpapaka-masochist ka. Di lang pala masochist, hypocrite pa. Darating din yung time na one day, umaasa ka na lalapit nalang siya ulit sa’yo and ask for another set-up. Damn!

Ang hirap talaga nang ma-engage sa set-up na ganito, right? Wala ka namang ibang hiniling kung hindi lumigaya sa piling ng iba, para magpakasaya. Pero in the closing stages, mapapalitan yung saya na yun ng kalungkutan at kasawian.

But wait, there’s more. Maaari namang maiwasan yung kinakatakutang ‘kalungkutan’ at ‘kasawian’ na iyan eh. Just know the boundary. Just know your place. Just know the basic meaning of this kind of fling. Di ba, kaligayahan lang naman ang gusto mo? Eh di, magpakalunod ka sa kasiyahan. Wag mong iisipin ang future. Wag mong iisipin ang kahahantungan nyo. Enjoy the roller coaster ride and never think of the upshots.

Kung alam mo naman sa sarili mo na masasaktan ka sa huli, STOP. You have the option to stop the fling. You can just wait for thing real thing to approach. Di ba?


Mutual understanding, or simply MU is a kind of relationship where in the two people involved are more than friends, but not lovers. There is no commitment at all. In this stage, you can act like lovers (or sometimes like a married couple). May landian factor. Pero in the end, there are no vows, commitments and shit. In tagalog, kayo pero hindi kayo.

Well, the bottom-line of everything is to do the things that make you blissful, just jog your memory the potential consequences. You have a choice darling because in MU relationships, kaunti lang ang bilang ng kumekendeng up to the next level.

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